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What is Bio 1 World?

What is Bio 1 World?
Bio 1 World is the latest “Technology Breakthrough” with new formulation of Synergy that helps to improve the fuel in the combustion area. Bio 1 World is Palmatic Oil based additives that helps your engine to runs smoothly thus reducing its high operating temperature, wear & tear, fuel consumption, reduces maintenance cost, and pollutant emissions. Bio 1 World is a pure hydrocarbon and as such it is exempted from EPA regulations. In accordance with the EPA registration and requirements for fuel and fuel additives, “Additive means any substance other than one (1) composed solely of carbon and/or hydrogen”. Bio 1 World is non toxic and hazardous but it is a food grade polymer. The active ingredients are low hydrocarbons.(Kindly refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS)

Why & How Bio 1 World was developed?
Initially while conducting a research for a healthier and pollution free environment, our scientist discovered that howBio 1 World modifies the fuel burning in the combustion area. It was in the program to develop the technology exhibited properties that is beneficial to reduce pollution and helps fuel saving significantly.

What is the technology behind Bio 1 World?
Bio 1 World is a spin off work to make the additive that would not explode when the product is hit by a projectile.Bio 1 World scientist also discovered that the addition of a high molecular weight of compounded ingredients to the fuel eliminated the black cloud of smoke in the diesel engines associated with ignition of misted injector fuel in the combustion chamber. Bio 1 World scientist also demonstrated that the ingredients changed the physical properties of a spray fuel, thus improving the uniformity of droplet size and distribution and modifying its vaporization behaviour. Our product does not contain caustic chemicals and therefore it will not damage any paints.
How Bio 1 World do improves the throttle response?
The throttle is advanced and more fuel is delivered to the indication system of an engine. However, there is a lag in getting the additional fuel into the cylinder due to the physical properties in the fuel. This causes a lean condition and poor throttle response. Bio 1 World changes the physical properties of gasoline rather than chemistry so that more fuel is entrained in the air / fuel mixtures entering the cylinder. This will helps to burn off all the deposits in the piston head thus giving the engines more power.


When gasoline and diesel burnt imperfectly, HC, NOx and CO will be formed. This emission of the chemical gases is being regulated in all range of vehicles for inspection by the local authority in order to monitor the emission through tail pipe test. Excessive levels of any one of these chemicals will cause a state inspector to fail a car and deem it to be un-road worthy.
HCs, hydrocarbons in the exhaust result from incomplete combustion. Most vehicles sold into the world in the past ten (10) years have engines that burnt at higher temperatures and tend to produce less HC pollution however subject to the maintenance condition of the vehicles and the fuel quality.
NOx is a by product of overheated combustion. This pollutant contributes a great deal to acid rain and is an irritant to sensitive human tissue. When the operating temperature of an engine decreases, it will product lessNOx.

CO forms when hydrocarbons do not burnt completely. A completely burnt yield CO2 gas. Bio 1 World also reduces the percentage of CO in exhaust.
An air / fuel mixing condition that occurs when too little fuel is mixed with too much air. In this oxygen – rich environment, fuel burns at elevated temperatures. Lean burning conditions often produce excessive NOx and can damage engines.

When a piston compresses a mixture of air and fuel, heat builds up in the cylinder. This heat often causes fuel to ignite before the spark plug fires. When this type of combustion occurs, it works against the spinning momentum of an engine and reduces horse power, creates heat and destructive vibrations. Additives such as lead have been used to inhibit engine knock. Bio 1 World also inhibits knock by reducing the number of very fine droplets of fuel at tend to burn before the spark plug fires.
A product that has been added to the fuel after the pump. In other words, a product added to fuel by the consumer, not by the filling station or Oil Company. Lead or MTBE are good examples of pre-market fuel additives.
The Society of Automotive Engineers, the SAE is the definitive standards organization for the automobile industry. This organization influences the standards, designs and regulations on products ranging from motor oil to screw sizes.
Throttle transition – the time between changing the throttle position e.g. hitting the accelerator or easing up on it and having the engine adjust its speed to accommodate the new rate of fuel flow.
Top Dead Centre – When the piston of an engine reaches the top of its stroke it is said to be at top dead centre. This piston position happens to be the point at which the air / fuel mixture is most compressed. In most engines, depending on their RPM, the spark plug will fire a few degrees before the top dead centre in order to start the burning process before the down or power stroke. One of the great benefits of Bio 1 World is its ability to control the propagation of a flame emanating for a spark plug. By reducing the number of very small droplets of fuel, Bio 1 World promotes a more even burning flame, which makes ignition before top dead centre work more efficiently.

Ultra Fine Particles of Fuel – Those droplets of fuel less than forty (40) microns in diameter. These particles tend to burn more quickly and disruptively than their larger counterparts.
Viscous Elascity – This is macro chemical feature of Bio 1 World that makes it an effective fuel additive. Viscous elascity, synonymous with extensional viscosity, denotes elascity under stress. Viscous elastic will behave like a liquid when not disturbed. However, when a pipe of moved though sprayed into the air, it behaves like a highly viscous mass.

Bio 1 World – a 100% hydrocarbon fuel additive made up of a high molecular polymer in light oil (Palmatic based) solution.

Wall wetting – when fuels hit a metal surface such as the indication channel of an engine, the walls of the channel are said to be “wetted”.

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